Expensive Kebaya

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“Performance for ‘Expensive Kebaya’ is an extension for the work ‘Expensive Kebaya’ by Almostasthma. The extension performance is to expand certain elements of ‘Expensive Kebaya’ that Almostasthma wanted to fulfill such as wearability of the Kebaya and the futility of prohibitions signs. Firstly, Almostasthma seeks to make the end artwork a product that was inherently functional and in terms of a garment, it had to be wearable. The performance artist Chand Chandramohan’s body functions as the model for the Kebaya. The prohibitions signs functions in Almostasthma’s work in terms of futility by the abounding graphic print that makes up the aesthetic of the Kebaya. The performance broadens that aspect by engaging in the conversation of navigating with these rules. The navigation is futile, but necessary in the performance of being a ‘dutiful’ citizen. With the last act of the performance, the action displays how quickly people can fail in duty, failing in this navigation and in turn be punished. Rules are executed because there is consequence.”
- Chand Chandramohan

Video: Darissa Lee

Expensive Kebaya is an attempt to create Singapore's own unique fabric using found prohibitory signs. The permeation of prohibitory designs in everyday life can dilute critical thinking and suggest how Singaporeans need to live by discipline, if not in a repressed state as most signs are as prolific as frivolous.

These signs have been collected since 2014 - and can be viewed here.

God an opportunity to be part of a group show Of Wax, Dyes and Labour in Malay Heritage Centre, part of Singapore Art Week 2019!
(Exhibit from 19 Jan - 9 Feb 2019).

Video: Darissa Lee (with clips of home from Super Bro)
Performance Artist: Chand Chandramohan
Studio: Yang Jie
Digitalisation help: Qiumin & Elli
Mannequin: Mylene
Organisers: Fajrina & Shazlina

S/O to Del who introduced me to the wonderful world of Batik. ahhaha <3 ah yes also to mum who helped me dry the massive 5meters cloth. 


Thank you for the feature Coconuts.co and GoJek!

Expensive Kebaya and the two accompanying videos were supposedly part of Art Stage 2019.

They have been showcased by Coda Culture at Stamford Arts Centre as part of another exhibit, Backstage. (Exhibit from 2 - 10 Mar 2019