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Alipay+ is a cross border payment solution that can let you reimagine your destination. 🌏 Created a small illus to depict digital lifestyle! Now I can have bbt anytime anywhere 😌🧋



Completed banner on HDB

Final banner artwork

Coexist is a love letter to Jurong Lake Garden that I usually enjoy long strolls at, noticing squirrels hopping around and rows of Casuarina trees adorning Taman Jurong 💖 Due to covid, everything seem to be imported to the digital realm, even workshops that were conducted online. Hence the theme of Coexist- living alongside digital realm.

In Dec 2021, I held a basic principles of design and 101 of Figma for residents of TJ who collaborated on some the individual banners. Selected this application because it is free, has an intuitive interface and easy learning curve for production output. I had a practice squirrel, teaching participants to create images using preset shapes and pen tool within the application.

Unfortunately the banners were only up Feb-Jul 2022 which I missed seeing them irl 🥲 this is my largest outdoor installation so far and a dream to work on hehe ✌🏻Thanks Jurong, you will forever be my fav #westsidebestside

HDB picture credit: Ying Wei


Almostasthma x The 1925 Brewing Co.

The original label for BLK 622 was a homage to the creators’ grandparents’ place, and a pun to the blackness and ABV of the ale. It features a bold and dark design, so I wanted a total 180 change to make it effeminate, giving it Mean Girls but cute vibe cus cool girls drink dark ale too. Get in loser! We’re going to BLK 622 & Slivin’ in our cute black dress. 🖤🖤🖤 Tap to see WIP on tiktok.

The theme was SG’s dream beyond Covid, so I wanted to create a ~mood~ thing associated with drinking, regardless of covid we’ll be always chillin’ 😎 Taking cue from its name, I wanted people to enjoy a good MUSANG King Ale like the king cat in front of the mountainous durian range, being revered by other cats. It’s a purrrrrfect world 🍺 Distinctive notes of the pale ale are brewed using only Musang King Durian. Tap to see WIP on tiktok.

Lucky to be 1/6 artists selected for collaboration with 1925 Brewing Co., supported by NAC and TaFF. Beer with our collaborated designs were available exclusively for purchase at Design Orchard during 10 Feb - 3 Apr 2022. Works were created from scratch using Blender, Illustrator and Photoshop. Also had the privilege to be featured in The Best Bottle Label Designs by DesignRush!


fated love sky

Had the privilege of working on fated love sky, curated and organised by Racy Lim and Chand for SGArtWeek22. I did up the main banner KV and some supporting design for the group exhibit, a safe and cute space featuring cute friends.