Let’s join the party!

My first solo showcase at Tampines Regional Library, organised by National Library Board. I created a new IG filter, a target tracker where users can look through their phones to see 12 zodiac characters having tea in a peculiar garden. This was accompanied by large panels with movable windows, so guests can walk in to the space to find out more about the characters, some what like a huge interactive storybook. I named this work, Let's join the party.

(Please scan QR code below, hover phone over the main key visual to activate the IG filter)

Zodiac panels of fortune readings in CNY has definitely inspired me for this piece of work. Considering the site to be at NLB and most guests families, I thought having zodiac as the main characters will be a fun sight, especially during the CNY period. I also want to convey positive message of having fun in the company of friends and family during the festive season.

Existing filters made by me were also on the showcase panels. This showcase was also part of Singapore Art Week 2023. As part of the showcase, I also had the privilege to conduct workshops to teach how to create your first IG frame filter. Responses were good as members of public were able to create their very own IG filter.

Showcase on display: 7 Jan - 19 Feb 2023
Credits below:
Organiser: NLB (Alina, Melissa)
Designer: Zhi Hong (Outer panels)
Text: Alina
Build: Neon (Raymond, Kenneth and crew)
Video: ALICE crew
Characters' text: Eddy