How much? Collab Zine

𝗛𝗒π—ͺ 𝗠𝗨𝗖𝗛 group zine features some new works by today’s best illustrators and artists pals imo πŸ‘―

Zine is avail for purchase!


Particularly interested (yet, confused) in the blurred lines of content sharing and advertisement, the question of β€œWHAT WILL YOU SELL? AND HOW MUCH?” was posed to participating creatives. I was also curious of the contents or topics that interest them and their perception of its value through how much they were selling it. This group zine attempts to put together a catalogue of real and (mostly) imagined items for sale.

Featured Creatives:
Diva @diva.agar
Marie @flesssh
Howie @howie759
Wondebra Loh @brabraratmama
Lee Wan Xiang @likefireatsea
Esther Lim @douchebagbobo
Joon @sawdako
Chand @chandcmohan
Mithra @rnithra
Jerome @verasontattoo
Erika @erikartoon
Eunice Lim
Thank u so much for your participation and trust!

36pp greyscale on coloured paper / Edition of 80 / Organised and stitched by a worker bee 🐝