Almostasthma x The 1925 Brewing Co.

The original label for BLK 622 was a homage to the creators’ grandparents’ place, and a pun to the blackness and ABV of the ale. It features a bold and dark design, so I wanted a total 180 change to make it effeminate, giving it Mean Girls but cute vibe cus cool girls drink dark ale too. Get in loser! We’re going to BLK 622 & Slivin’ in our cute black dress. 🖤🖤🖤 Tap to see WIP on tiktok.

The theme was SG’s dream beyond Covid, so I wanted to create a ~mood~ thing associated with drinking, regardless of covid we’ll be always chillin’ 😎 Taking cue from its name, I wanted people to enjoy a good MUSANG King Ale like the king cat in front of the mountainous durian range, being revered by other cats. It’s a purrrrrfect world 🍺 Distinctive notes of the pale ale are brewed using only Musang King Durian. Tap to see WIP on tiktok.

Lucky to be 1/6 artists selected for collaboration with 1925 Brewing Co., supported by NAC and TaFF. Beer with our collaborated designs were available exclusively for purchase at Design Orchard during 10 Feb - 3 Apr 2022. Works were created from scratch using Blender, Illustrator and Photoshop. Also had the privilege to be featured in The Best Bottle Label Designs by DesignRush!